вторник, 12 апреля 2016 г.

Новый поворот

Некоторое время назад в разговоре с коллегой я упомянула, в том числе, и о своем блоге, где описываю некоторые приемы работы с ClassRoom.

А сегодня мне в школьную почту свалилось письмо с переводом моей статьи "Как не потеряться в ClassRoom" на английский язык.

How not to get lost in ClassRoom

A lot of courses available to me were created while I was actively using ClassRoom.

A ClassRoom course is a classroom not only literally, but also practically. That is why a ClassRoom course should be considered as an electronic platform for a real lesson.

For example, the first group of the 7th “A” form was put on my schedule on Monday, and the second group was put on Wednesday. If I have invited the entire 7th form to the course, then it is not clear what deadline I should put – Monday or Wednesday?

The Monday group judges from the date that they have 2 more days before the deadline, and the Wednesday group receives the task without having an actual lesson.

That is the reason why opening a course for each lesson is rational. Let there be fewer children; the more individual the work is, the simpler and easier it is to organize and control the activity. However, this leads to an increase in the number of courses.

As a result, today I already have about 20 courses where I am the main teacher; 10 correspondence courses where I am a visiting teacher; 15 extra courses where I have been invited to help, to look, to back up…

The navigation in this system is not easy at all.

The list of courses in the service is formed by date of creation and its order cannot be changed. It is uncomfortable to use it.

The catalog of courses, made with app GCRmanager, is more informative, but filtering the general table every time is not rational.

And then we thought about Calendar. Google Calendar already takes into account the events, time, resources (rooms). Is it possible to link the event, the lesson and the transition to the ClassRoom course which accompanies this lesson?

It turned out that there is a simple and, in my opinion, a very convenient way of not only managing your own activity, but also accessing ClassRoom directly.

When you create a recurring event, a link to the course should be written in the field “Where”. Then there will be an exit to the needed course when you click on the link “Map” straight from the calendar!
This is a paradise for a perfectionist!

Как я понимаю, работа выполнена детьми на уроке "технологии перевода".
Спасибо +Юлия Викторовна Громова за проведенную работу.